Handle Bars!

I am going to try and blog more to make this page more worth visiting. Two in as many days is a huge increase.

Today was a catch up day at the shop we have been so busy with last weeks spring rush today was a nice change of pace, kind of. We played catch up today Jason checked in the biggest pile of parts I have ever seen at the shop. In addition to that MOAR STUFF came in, including another shipment of bicycles. This weekend left some fairly serious openings in the bike shop floor and I had to get 7 or so bikes out of their boxes as well as rearrange some to make room for new models. For example there is a new madone 4.5 on the floor.

Yeah its not M'erican carbon fiber however is attractively priced at $1999. Which makes it the cheapest full carbon fiber bike we sell. Also it was redesigned for 2010 which makes it ride significantly nicer than last years 4series frames. (I would know I rode them both back to back, Its one of the perks of the job) This bike is a great upgrade from what ever aluminium bike you are riding on currently. It seems every bit as stiff as the 5 and 6 series bikes. However it does not seem as lively of a ride. That may be in part due to the heavier parts on the bike further testing needs to be done by an independent source.

Also this came in today. This photo does not do the bars justice.

Bontrager XXX lite bars
Weighing In at 114 Grams the packaging that comes with the bars is required in order to keep them from floating away. I am quite excited to see these on my Mountain bike. They are so choice. If you have the means I highly recommend it.

This is the first step in operation save weight on my mountain bike
coming soon to it
lighter SRAM X.O Shifter and deraileur and casette as that is worn out as well
Ligher and stiffer Shimano Deore XT Crank
A 1X9 setup
Some lighter new stem
Lighter weight seatpost and saddle
The Stans Wheelset mentioned in my last post

Turns out when its all said and done the bike will effectively be an aluminium Superfly. I cannot wait.

John Henry

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