Happy April!

Our first Monday ride was a success despite the ominous clouds--the Red Bike Club showed up, and we rode through the sculpture south of Urbana. I hope next Monday we don't have snow and some new faces make an appearance. Perhaps a visit to Cakes on Walnut might be in order...

Anyway, it's been cold and gross outside so I've spent a bit (lot) more time than is healthy on the internet. Rather than hoard all of the gems I've discovered, I've graciously decided to share them with you. Let's have a look, shall we?

I recently came across an interview with Gary Fisher put it on and listen. I think my next bike will be a Fisher, especailly if they start producing a Sue Jones-esque cargo bike:

A certain fastgrrrl forwarded a video with Niels Tørsløv, Copenhagen's Director of Traffic. Copenhagen, if you didn't know, is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world, but it wasn't always that way. Just 30 years ago, the city decided to create an infrastructure to facilitate bicycle use. Niels' presentation focuses mainly on the future, and how they plan to meet their goal of increasing bicycle use to 50% of all trips (!) by 2015. The presentation itself is about 30 minutes long, but definitely worth the time. Have fun: http://www.sfu.ca/city/video026.htm

Finally, if you listened to the interview with GF, you might have noticed the interviewer mention the Bike to Work Book. The 50 page preview is available here. When the print version comes out, I think I'll send a copy to my parents.


  1. The bike to work book is definitely worth checking out!

  2. Red Bike Club? You know you are jealous...

    BTW, all reviews on the internet overstate how the Axiom Panniers are NOT water proof. Just FYI.